Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mt. Princeton - From Grouse Gulch TH to Avalanche Cr. TH

Lisa dropped me off at the Grouse Gulch trail head early this morning to have a look at climbing Mt. Princeton from Grouse Gulch. Boy howdy, that thing is steep; gaining over 5,000' in around 3 miles. Gerry Roach very much downplays the complexity and length of Princeton's South Ridge,
once you reach it at around 13,000' or so. Came off Princeton down into Maxwell Gulch. I have definitely decided that there is no easy way through Maxwell Gulch; much suffering and pain is to be had here. Lisa picked me up at the Avalanche Creek trail head on the Colorado Trail and we finished the day with a stop at Cottonwood Creek Hot Springs! Total mileage and elevation gain for traversing Mt. Princeton is 14 miles and 6,000' or so of elevation gain.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Nolan's 14 / 2013; a beginning.

This marks the beginning of a grand adventure; hopeful completion of Nolan's 14 during the summer of 2013. Hang in there while I get this blog started. My intentions are to blog about my research and training runs in the Sawatch Mountains along with my 2nd Hardrock 100, which is coming up in just a couple of weeks now. Tomorrow morning Lisa and I head out to Buena Vista for a traverse of Mt. Princeton (S to N). That is all I think I will be able to get done before the afternoon thunderstorms show up. Check back with you later!