Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mt. Princeton - From Grouse Gulch TH to Avalanche Cr. TH

Lisa dropped me off at the Grouse Gulch trail head early this morning to have a look at climbing Mt. Princeton from Grouse Gulch. Boy howdy, that thing is steep; gaining over 5,000' in around 3 miles. Gerry Roach very much downplays the complexity and length of Princeton's South Ridge,
once you reach it at around 13,000' or so. Came off Princeton down into Maxwell Gulch. I have definitely decided that there is no easy way through Maxwell Gulch; much suffering and pain is to be had here. Lisa picked me up at the Avalanche Creek trail head on the Colorado Trail and we finished the day with a stop at Cottonwood Creek Hot Springs! Total mileage and elevation gain for traversing Mt. Princeton is 14 miles and 6,000' or so of elevation gain.

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