Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pikes Peak via Cripple Creek Reservoirs to Old Historic Cree's Toll Road

Last training day up in the mountains before Hardrock week begins; decided to traverse Pikes Peak from Highway 67 near Cripple Creek, up past the Cripple Creek Reservoirs and then back down the cog railway and the old historic Cree’s Toll Road (about 22 miles).
From Mountain View I took the Barr Trail back down to Manitou. The valley up past the Cripple Creek Reservoirs is one of the prettiest I have been in, including cabin ruins and an absolutely beautiful waterfall that had carved its way through solid granite!
I know it’s not part of the Nolan’s course, but just thought I would include this in my blog as a part of the summer leading up to my attempt over Labor Day weekend. So, next I hope to be sharing with you about a little jaunt through the mountains in Silverton!

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